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Courses and Coaching

For Estate Liquidation Professionals

If you are 

  • starting an estate sale business 

  • open but you are not reaching your dreams

  • are ready to expand but are not sure of the next step

  • struggling with clients, sales, or staff

Then this is the place for you!

When I opened Expert Estates in 2011, I had no experience, no clients, a baby at home, and I had just moved across the country. I knew nobody. But with a super small opening budget of about $2,000, I built a website, put together a business plan, and launched my estate sale business. I made over $2.5 million in sales by the time I sold my business in January of 2019. 

Sometimes, I still do not believe how successful an estate sale business can be. It was not without challenges or obstacles. But I set up my course so that you can learn from my problems, and you can be successful even faster with my experience to help guide you to your goals. 

  • Next Step: If you are ready to take your estate sale business to the next level here is what to do: 

For One on One Coaching to go over exactly what you need help with from someone who has been there and knows the ropes

  • order a course now 

  • or book one on one coaching now

  • send me a message if you have questions

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