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How Much Money Can I Make as an Estate Seller?

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

I am hosting a free facebook live webinar on Tuesday Feb 26th at 10:00am Pacific Time to answer questions about estate sale income.

One of the biggest questions I get from my clients is kind of a taboo to discuss but it is a variation of

How much money do estate sale businesses make?

Your income as an estate seller will vary based on 6 different factors. Your bottom line will vary depending on your cashflow management and your expenses. I am creating a new offering in the shop next week after the webinar video is edited and ready to add to the package.

For the pre-launch, I am hosting a free live webinar on facebook to answer your questions about estate sale income.

With my estate sale income package I will share everything I learned about earning income as an estate sale business owner. I also have a detailed case study showing what my sales revenues were for the last 5 years.

These are the six things I share that will impact your sales revenue as an estate seller:

  • Your experience

  • Your geographic area

  • Your sales and your commission rates

  • Quantity and quality

  • Extra services

Watch the video to learn how to ask me your estate sale income questions and how to participate in the free webinar on my Facebook Page.

Update: My 52 minute webinar and estate sale revenues package is ready to order now.

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