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The Estate Sale Business Book

Some industry insiders are furious with me, but the truth is my estate sale business book is here to save liquidators time, money and headaches. Check out The Estate Sale Business Kit: No Nonsense Materials that Estate Liquidators Need.

I attribute much of my success to my contracts, and to handling problems via the contract agreement from the consult to during set up, during the event and even after the estate sale. My kit is packed full of materials liquidators need so that they can earn more profits and have more protection in their business dealings.

If you are an estate seller who wants to avoid legal problems, avoid getting pulled into dramas, family feuds and is tired of lost profits at your estate sales there are solutions. Solution 1 is a having a great contract for any type of sale relationship you take on for a client in your business. Solution 2 is having agreements and contracts between you and your employees. Bonus materials include marketing letters, checklists and a sample business plan.

One of my estate start up kit reviewers on Etsy said "Despite the description given, this was more than I'd hoped for."

The liquidation industry is booming and this book gives liquidators the materials and confidence they need for a successful business. For a fraction of the cost of buying an estate sale franchise, I am helping others in the industry to build their own brands and stay in control of their own destiny.

The Estate Sale Business Kit is packed with documents for anyone starting, expanding or improving an estate sale business. This is a nonsense, no fluff kit full of just the things any estate sale business owner needs to succeed and thrive.

Be ready with the exact contract you need to land any type of estate liquidation project or sale. Includes consulting, consignment and clean out agreements in addition to two estate sale contracts. Learn what to ask prospects and how to present your settlement statement. Marketing materials to land referrals and clients.

Protect your business with a non competition and non disclosure agreements, a sample employee handbook and employment contracts. Checklists for staff and clients, and an inventory worksheet to help you value and itemize any estate. Plus my sample business plan - the plan that set me up for success during my first three years in business.

Everything is ready for you to customize to suit your specific needs. The estate liquidation business is booming and you can improve or build your competitive and successful business with The Estate Sale Business Kit.

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