40 Minute Contracts Webinar

40 Minute Contracts Webinar

My Estate Sale Contracts Webinar - Everything you need to know about estate sale contracts from Lisa Kroese, The Estate Sale Coach. I go over everything you need to know about estate sale contracts and why my contracts are set up the way that they are. Tips on how to use your contracts that will save you headaches while running your estate sale business. 


When I opened Expert Estates in 2011, I had no experience, no clients, a baby at home, and I had just moved across the country. I knew nobody. But with a super small opening budget of about $2,000, I built a website, put together a business plan, and launched my estate sale business. I made over $2.5 million in sales by the time I sold my business in January of 2019. 

Sometimes, I still do not believe how successful an estate sale business can be. It was not without challenges or obstacles. But I set up my course so that you can learn from my problems, and you can be successful even faster with my experience to help guide you to your goals.



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