7 Day Course: Landing Profitable Jobs

7 Day Course: Landing Profitable Jobs

7 days of coursework to land profitable jobs working for your ideal clients.


This course teaches closing your consults and converting your estate sale leads into profitable estate sale clients.


  • 11 Ways to Land the Best Jobs PDF
  • My 16 Minute Video on Converting Consults to Clients


You will:

  • Learn exactly what you need to say to get the jobs you want 
  • Get rid of the fear and conquer your consults
  • Develop the best materials and learn the right answers to all of the questions your clients are asking


Having leads that won't convert to a booked calendar with profitable sales does you no good. Land the jobs and your business will grow.


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    These documents and videos are for your own professional use, they are not for resale or other distrubution.