Auctions 101 Webinar

Auctions 101 Webinar

Get instant access to one of my most popular webinars to learn all about liquidation at auction from an insider who worked at an auction house. If you are growing or expanding an estate sale business and you are not sure how to work with auction companies to benefit your clients, this is for you. With my instant PDF download you get:


  1. PDF file with 10 things you need to know about auctions
  2. Lifetime access to my 44 minute webinar where I answer questions and explain exactly how to work with auctioneers to increse your earnings as an estate seller
  3. My list of 50 auctioneers with specialties, websites, phone numbers, and email addresses.


I explain how and why I always worked directly with auctioneers. Learn how to get finder's fees, and how to consign at auction. I am sharing all of my tips and insider information on working with auction houses. I worked for one of the county's oldest auction houses, so I know the inside scoop.


I want to make sure you have everything you need to know about using auctions to maximize your estate sale proceeds.

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