Estate Sale Business Kit

Estate Sale Business Kit

A complete set of documents that you can print and edit to help you run, streamline, and grow your Estate Sale Company! All the things I learned that I needed the hard way are right here for you with the click of a button. Just edit and use. I recommend that you have an attorney in your area do a final review of your contracts and agreements, but this is a starting point that gets you the results you need faster. 

  • Agreements:
    • Cleanout
    • Consignment
    • Consulting
    • Non-Competition
    • Non-Disclosure
  • Contracts:
    • Amendment to
    • Employment
    • Independent
    • Estate Sale Contract I
    • Estate Sale Contract II
    • Estate Sale Contract III
  • Lead Questions
  • Marketing Materials:
    • Estate Sale Checklist Handout
    • Flyer
    • Hidden Treasures Checklist
    • Introduction to Attorney
    • Introduction to Realtor
    • Offer Sheet
    • Press Release
  • Policy:
    • Returns
    • Consultation Saftey
  • Sample:
    • Bulk Price Sheets
    • Business Plan
    • Employee Handbook
    • Estate Sale Inventory
    • Settlement Statement with Expenses
    • Settlement Statement, Simple
  • Sign:
    • As is
    • Welcome
    • You Break
  • Worksheet:
    • Branding
    • Staff/Sale Prep Checklist
    • Home Inventory Estimate
    • Profits per Sale
  • License

    The documents and content are copyrighted and are available for your professional use as an estate liquidation business, and they may not be distrubuted online, or resold. 



©2019 by Lisa Kroese

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