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Estate Fusion

Tools and Coaching for Liquidators

Welcome to Estate Fusion, I offer tips and support for estate sellers. Explore my site and find out about running and operating a successful estate sale business; perhaps Estate Fusion will ignite your liquidation business.

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Lisa's Story

For 8 years, I owned and operated my own successful estate sale business. After learning the ropes, I wrote books for estate sellers and I served as a source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice on operating their estate liquidation business. I founded Estate Fusion with a mission to help estate sellers so that they reach their goals and do not have to learn everything the hard way. I have been at it ever since.

Take some time to explore the blog, check out my courses in the shop, and feel free to reach out to tell me what you need most from Estate Fusion.

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Estate Sale Business Conference

Join me Monday nights for my 2 hour zoom estate sale conferences! I am so excited to announce these offerings. These are in-person via...

New Offer: Zoom Coaching

I am so excited to announce that I am offering coaching via Zoom meetings - this is an excellent way to connect and get the answers and...

The End Of Estate Sales (Or Not)

I can't guarantee what the future will hold, but I have a feeling that the end of sales is just another one of many myths about estate sales

Business Owners - Let's Talk

When issues come up - there are two directly opposite ways to solve problems. You can opt for either drama (which will probably be...

Estate Sales and Appraisals

All about valuation and apprising for estate liquidation professionals A lot of people who are starting estate sale businesses already...

Wonder Woman or Wonder Mama?

Balancing Being an Estate Sale Business Owner and a Person One of the things I learned the most about when running my own business was...

Estate Sale Contracts

As estate liquidators, we are always hearing from people who want to get into the estate sale industry. They want to know how it is done...

Hoarder Estate Sales

Hoarding affects between 700,000 and 1.4 million people in the country according to this Psychcentral Article. Families who have to move...

Starting Up an Estate Sale Business

Top three things to ask yourself when opening or expanding an estate sale business 2015 saw increased interest in the estate liquidation...

5 Reasons Estate Sale Businesses Fail

Estate sale business owners are a special group. In my time as a coach and liquidator, there have been a number of times I have seen new...

Working At Home

My thanks to Holly Reisem Hanna for this great interview she did with me! Running a Property Appraisal Business – Expert Advice from Lisa...

Researching Family Heirlooms

I recently had a question posted on Linked in saying "I have some antiques from my relatives who have passed away. How do I research to...

The Estate Sale Business Book

Some industry insiders are furious with me, but the truth is my estate sale business book is here to save liquidators time, money and...

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Coaching History

All about how and why I coach

With the this website, I set out hoping to give you templates that you can edit and customize to create everything you need to start securing clients, booking jobs, hiring your team, marketing your business, getting referrals, and itemizing an estate’s value. 

I started from scratch, as I grew, I paid lawyers and marketing experts thousands of dollars, spent lots of money and crafted contracts and marketing materials as the need arose. It has been a labor of love but one that has been very worthwhile. I am here to make it easier for you.

This is a great industry and there are many different types of both appraisers and liquidators out there. In many places there will be lots of competition. But if this is the work you want to do, there is plenty of work, so define yourself and start finding your ideal clients. There are 

countless families in need of our services - whether they are moving, downsizing or struggling with the loss or illness of a loved one. Go to sales in your area and then decide what will make your services and sales stand out from the competition. Whatever you do, don’t go to 

work for a competitor and then open a competing business! 

The liquidators in an area usually all know one another and even refer jobs to each other. 

When I am too busy to fit someone into our schedule or when a sale is a  little small, I will refer a job to someone else. So if you are starting out and are willing to take on little jobs or jobs on a fast turn around, introduce yourself to your competition. 

The industry can be tough on “newbies” some might give you the cold shoulder, but you also might get your first job from an established liquidator who is happy to give a referral for a smaller job. There are estate sale franchises available for between $20,000 - 50,000 but for a small fraction of that price, I can help other people establish their own brand and give them the opportunity to achieve the same financial success I have had. For a very small fraction of the price of a franchise, I help people build their own estate sale brand. That way they are in control of their own business and they don’t have to outlay a huge cash investment to enter the liquidation industry. If I can move across the country and succeed with a busy husband and little kids at home, I know there are many others who can do it too. I want to make it simple to get on the path to success. 

Since 2011, I have learned a lot of lessons and I have built a successful brand that has increased revenues at or above our targets each year. It is very rewarding whenever I hear from someone who has purchased my Estate Sale Start Up Kit that it was exactly what 

they needed or that it exceeded their expectations. I want to keep doing that.

When we moved to California, I didn’t know anyone here. I thought it would take years to build up the contacts I would need to land my first job. First, I put together my business plan, next, I created a very affordable but well written website. I started getting called for consults right away. A lot of people found me online, but as my business grew, I get referrals from Realtors, Attorneys, Movers, past clients and customers who shop at my sales. 

We advertised in the local phone book too, it seems an unusual way to advertise to younger people but a lot of seniors rely on it. Awareness of the estate sale industry is growing and demand for the services we provide is high. There can be a perception that you have to have a huge fancy home with antiques for an estate liquidator to help you, but in reality average middle class homes are full of things that people need and will buy. Many sales take place in run of the mill homes - liquidating all of the appliances, clothes, furniture, tools, home decor and supplies all adds up.

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